… לִבִּי בְמִזְרָח וְאָנֹכִי בְּסוֹף מַעֲרָב



ג’ינגל הליכוד

North Korean Life…

שיר בטלוויזיה הפלסטינית

War of Attrition

Вещи из разрушенного поселения Мицпе-Авихай


Вещи из разрушенного поселения Мицпе-Авихай были отобраны у владельцев и выброшены гражданской администрацией на свалку, где они стали легкой добычей местных арабских племен.

Something about israeli peace efforts…

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Great Jerusalem

Депутат Кнессета Ципи Хотовели («Ликуд»):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Your next destination

Plan your next vacation, visit Paradise:

Самария — сердце Эрец-Исраэль ( שומרון — לב הארץ )

1) Поездка левых журналистов 2-го канала Израильского телевидения по Самарии:

סיור אח″מים ביהודה ושומרון

Смотреть(иврит) >>>


2) Сбор маслин в еврейских поселениях Самарии:

Support the right side

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Интересно, что те же организации по защите прав человека от евреев носятся с африканцами и ничуть не обеспокоены охраной «расовой чистоты Израиля», как в случае с угнетенными палестинцами. Оккупация Иудеи и Самарии, говорят они, приведет к созданию 2-национального государства, поэтому — «надо отделить их от нас».
Захотят ли они отделять Южный Тель-Авив ?

No wars, more terrorism

by Ron Ben-Yishai

Part 1 of analysis:

No dramatic changes are expected in our security situation next year. A war will not break out, and a major military confrontation will likely not take place. For the time being, all the main players in the region that may ignite a major flare-up have a strong interest in maintaining restraint and avoiding confrontation.

Yet this doesn’t mean there is no cause for concern. Fuel vapors are still in the air, as well as enough sparks that may ignite them. The constant tensions in the Lebanon and Gaza theaters may cause occasional flare-ups, despite the desire on both sides to avoid them. This was the case this past year, and this will likely be the case in the coming year…

read more: http://www.ynetnews.com/Ext/Comp/ArticleLayout/CdaArticlePrintPreview/1,2506,L-3951560,00.html

Part 2 of analysis:

In addition to the military buildup, preparations, and intelligence-gathering ahead of a defensive and offensive effort in the face of the Iranian threat, the IDF will focus on boosting its readiness and capabilities vis-à-vis the missile and rocket threat in closer theaters.

On the intelligence front, three issues will be emphasized: Identifying targets in Lebanon, Syria, and Gaza for the benefit of the Air Force, as well as ground and naval forces; monitoring the military buildup of Hezbollah, Hamas, and Syria – to ensure they are not receiving and deploying “balance-breaking” weapon systems such as advanced anti-aircraft missiles, surface-to-surface missiles, and advanced rockets (made by Russia or Iran,) and so on; and identifying Hezbollah and Hamas tunnels, arms depots, and fortifications in the heart of civilian areas (information that will also be used in the diplomatic-PR campaign.)

read more: http://www.ynetnews.com/Ext/Comp/ArticleLayout/CdaArticlePrintPreview/1,2506,L-3951653,00.html

Alleged White Phosphorus Use in Operation Cast Lead

Vodpod videos no longer available.

К 5-летию начала событий вокруг Амоны ( לזכור את מה התרחש העמונה )

Интересные и волнующие слова, сказанные в ешиве «Махон Меир».

1) Напоминание — Википедия о событиях в Амоне. Только факты.

2) Раввин Реувен Фаерман — беседа со студентами ешивы >>>

Не все против нас…

«…All Canadians can be proud that the country has a prime minister who does not grovel to the received international opinion on matters such as the Middle East. (He rendered the same service on the global-warming debate by not signing Canada prematurely onto one of the Doomdsay scenarios, that have become the subject of scientific reappraisal.) This is a huge improvement on the trendy pandering of Pierre Trudeau: the Third Way, North-South, his absurd arms-control proposals, facilitation of Castro’s war-making in Angola, veneration of the Nyerere economic miracle in Tanzania (a 90% decline in per capita income). On these matters, Stephen Harper has been a prophet with honour.»

Read more: http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2010/06/12/conrad-black-israels-friends-in-canada/

«How is aid to help Gaza so long as that aid is manipulated by a terrorist group for its own purposes? How is peace to come so long as half the Palestinian population is governed by that terrorist group?…»

Read more: http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2010/06/12/david-frum-the-gaza-flotillas-real-message/

И даже этот так считает :-))))

«Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is opposed to lifting the naval blockade of the Gaza Strip because this would bolster Hamas, according to what he told United States President Barack Obama during their meeting at the White House Wednesday. Egypt also supports this position. «


What the media won’t report about Gaza

By Tom Gross

In recent days, the international media, particularly in Europe and the Mideast, has been full of stories about “activist boats sailing to Gaza carrying desperately-needed humanitarian aid and building materials.”

The BBC World Service even led its world news broadcasts with this story at one point over the weekend. (The BBC yesterday boasted that its global news audience has now risen to 220 million persons a week, making it by far the biggest news broadcaster in the world.)

Indeed the BBC and other prominent Western media regularly lead their viewers and readers astray with accounts of a non-existent “mass humanitarian catastrophe” in Gaza.
What they won’t tell you about are the fancy new restaurants and swimming pools of Gaza, or about the wind surfing competitions on Gaza beaches, or the Strip’s crowded shops and markets. Many Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza live a middle class (and in some cases an upper class) lifestyle that western journalists refuse to report on because it doesn’t fit with the simplistic story they were sent to write…

And here is a promotional video of the club restaurant . In case anyone doubts the authenticity of this video, I just called the club in Gaza City and had a nice chat with the manager who proudly confirmed business is booming and many Palestinians and international guests are dining there:

Read more >>>>>>>

Hezbollah Scuds tip of iceberg ( אמ″ן: הסקאדים לחיזבאללה — קצה הקרחון )

Материал из серии «потом не говорите, что вас не предупреждали»:

«Head of MI research department says transfer of weapons from Syria to Shiite terror group cannot be called smuggling, as it is organized, official transfer. Brig.-Gen. Yossi Baidatz warns Hezbollah’s military capabilities developed significantly since 2006, group now has arsenal of thousands of rockets…»


אז מה יהיה? «חיזבאללה נמצא במתח בין זהויות שונות: מצד אחד מחויבתו לג’יהאד ואיראן למול שיקוליו הפוליטיים בלבנון וצרכי העדה השיעית. לפיכך, דרך הפעולה שבה הוא נוקט כרגע — הוא בוחר בשקט. ולהערכת המודיעין, הוא אינו מעוניין בעימות נרחב עם ישראל, חושש ממנו, אך הוא מתכונן לקראתו. הארגון עדיין מתחייב בפומבי לבצע פעולות טרור נגד ישראל».


Daniel Pipes: Towards an Israeli victory

5-я колонна ( גייס חמישי )

3.5 придурка из «Нетурей Карта» это, конечно, идеальная мишень. Одним ударом —  и по пейсам с лапсердаками, и по флагу ООП,  и по Ахмадинеджадке. Но они любители.

А вот — настоящие профессионалы, «тоцерет кахоль-лаван»:

А с «Нетурей Карта» красиво разбираются сами «пейсатые».

«Washington’s Battle Over Israel’s Birth» (by Richard Holbrooke)

…there was an epic struggle in Washington over how to respond to Israel’s declaration of independence on May 14, 1948. It led to the most serious disagreement President Harry Truman ever had with his revered secretary of state, George C. Marshall — and with most of the foreign policy establishment. Twenty years ago, when I was helping Clark Clifford write his memoirs, I reviewed the historical record and interviewed all the living participants in that drama. The battle lines drawn then resonate still.

читать полностью >>>

The Trust is Gone

«Humpty Dumpty has been broken and the absolute trust needed between allies is no longer there. «


דעה: ההסתערות של אובמה על נתניהו


הקוורטט ומנגנוניו, משטרו העוין של אובמה, מפקחים ומשגיחים מסוגם של מיצ’ל ובלייר וצוותיהם ו»משקיפי» טי’פה בחברון — מול ישראל שאין לה בעולמה אלא «החיים הטובים», עלולים להביא את מניין שנות עצמאותה מ-1948 עד 2010. גם לאחר זאת הארץ לא תחרב ואפילו תמשיך להיקרא «מדינה», רק שבפועל יהיה זה שטח חסות קטן, לא עוד «הבית השלישי», וכך ינהגו בו. הכל תלוי בנכונות העם והנהגתו לשלם את מחיר החרות, גם בדור הזה.  




החנופה לאובמה מסוכנת


 לישראל, לפיכך, לא נותרה ברירה אלא להבהיר לתלמידם של ג’רמייה רייט ולואיס פרחאן מהבית הלבן כי במסגרת תוכניותיה של מדינת היהודים לא נכלל החיבור הפיסי בין החבל לצוואר. במסגרת זו לא היה מזיק גם לנתניהו להימנע מחנופה מעושה ומגוחכת בדמות הצהרות על האמון שיש לו בברק חוסיין . 




Obama’s pressure to backfire

«Obama’s approach can succeed only in the short term. In the longer term it will bring, as in all the previous cases, the opposite of what it seeks. The Palestinians and the Arabs have long dreamed that the United States will “do the work” for them; that is, to pressure Israel into accepting their terms for a settlement without having to make hard concessions themselves.
The latest crisis plays into their hands and will harden their positions. Thus, it is likely to thwart, rather than improve, the chances for a comprehensive peace settlement»


«Spot and strike»

«VIDEO – The IDF has released, for the first time Tuesday footage of the tracking system deployed along the Gaza border in order to thwart terror attacks.
The system, dubbed «spot and strike,» is operated by the IDF’s Field Intelligence Corps. The footage shows how the system targets a Palestinian terrorist who was involved in an attempted attack that took place in late December 2009.
The system was controlled by a female officer from the Nesher Observation Unit. The officer directed a military helicopter and a Golani force to the location of the terrorist, while also following three other cell members, thus foiling the attack.»

читать дальше и смотреть ролик: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3856980,00.html

 иврит: http://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-3856921,00.html

Jerusalem Conference, 2010

Депутат Кнессета Ципи Хотевели («Ликуд»): «Дать израильское гражданство арабам Иудеи и Самарии»
Речь на Jerusalem Conference, 2010:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Йорам Эттингер объясняет почему идея «2 государства для 2 народов» не будет работать для арабо-израильского конфликта
Речь на Jerusalem Conference, 2010:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

«Заговор ашкеназских мудрецов»

Йотам Фельдман и Том Сегев о новой книге профессора Йехуды Шенхава.

«Shenhav names numerous representatives of this new nostalgia, including Yossi Beilin, Dan Meridor, Haim Ramon, Tzipi Livni, Talia Sasson, Aharon Barak, Ruth Gavison, Ami Ayalon, Ari Shavit, Amos Schocken, Dan Margalit, Amnon Dankner and many others. He writes that what those gripped by the «new nostalgia» really long for is not just an Israel devoid of the West Bank, but also a more Ashkenazi and less religious Israel. He presents a long list of quotations in which those who miss the pre-’67 period express their aversion to the settlers’ irrationality. A great deal of their criticism of the settlements refers to the settlers as an undifferentiated, homogenous bloc and attributes to them irrational behavior that is counter to the values of the state’s Ashkenazi founders.»

Читать дальше:

1) http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1150822.html

2) http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1150821.html


«Вот только соседи — …»

Рон Бен Ишай о «посылках морем» из Газы:



Буги Яалон: «Если не я для себя — кто для меня ?»:



Угрозы из Дамаска:



Предотвращен крупный теракт в Ашкелоне

Террористам удалось через море переправить крупную бомбу и установить ее на популэрном пляже.

подробности — в репортаже 2-го канала ИТВ:


Презентация посла Дори Голда: Израиль и отчет Голдстона

On Thursday, November 5, 2009, Amb. Dore Gold and Judge Richard Goldstone discussed the UN report on Gaza war crimes. Below is the visual presentation which accompanied Amb. Gold:


В границах Освенцима


Так выглядела работа израильских фермеров в поле (50-е годы 20 века)

Новый тип гетто

Авиад Клейнберг: «Окружение Израиля стенами приведет к созданию внутренних стен»

«The mentality of separation, of turning an alienated back on those who are not quite like us (Jewish or Arab or secular or religious or poor or wealthy or white or black) does not stop at the border fence. It gets through just as easily as before. Welcome to the first Hebrew ghetto.»


Тема: Baskerville, автор: Anders Noren.

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