… לִבִּי בְמִזְרָח וְאָנֹכִי בְּסוֹף מַעֲרָב



Arabs about «Arab spring»

«Peace cannot be based on a lie»

Excerpts from Professor Weiss' epic opening speech before the European Parliament Conference meeting on the topic of Peace in the Middle East. Tuesday, May 15th.

“Ye shall love truth and peace,” says the prophet.

Peace cannot be based on a lie! There is no truth without peace and no peace without truth. This is written is written in the Bible and accepted in natural law. Truth is based on justice whose role is to save the oppressed from the hand of his oppressor.

The question that we face is: Who is the oppressor and who is the victim? Who is the occupier and who is being deprived? For those who are devoted to what is written in the Bible, the issues are clear and simple.

But for now, let us look at international law, which is binding, and begin with a short survey:
Professor Alan Dershowitz, a Jewish liberal, moderate leftist, and lover of Israel, one of the top legal experts in the United States, has again recently condemned the International Court of Justice at Hague for delivering political decisions.

This is in contrast to the International Criminal Court at the Hague which refused to act as a rubber stamp: It did not recognize Palestine as a state and rejected a series of proposed resolutions that Palestinians submitted against Israel for war crimes, during “Operation Cast Lead”.

Dershowitz levels lethal criticism against the UN, among others, as the leader of the double standard against Israel, and regards it as a corrupt organization that aids and abets terror.

And indeed, after three “Durban Conventions” , after the prostitution of the word ‘racism’, and after accepting Libya in 2003 as a member of the UN Commission on Human Rights, much like in May 2012 —  and now in May 2012, accepting Syria to that same position as a leading member of the Commission on Human Rights and the representative of Asia — every honest person must view the UN as a cynical group whose main concern is to protect terrorism.

It is the main cause of the corruption of the ethics of human rights as formulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations itself, the gift to the world of the French Jew, Rene Cassin.

We have mentioned the Jewish contribution to the struggle against racism and we shall again mention that the Torah of the people of Israel, preceding every other monotheistic religion that purports to supplant it, was the first to claim that “There is one father of us all”, blacks and whites, Arabs, Germans, and Jews, and that father is Adam.
And therefore, if there is a non-racist message in the history of mankind, it is in the Torah of the people of Israel.

The religion of Israel is its national religion — and this and only this element is what defines its identity as a nation – and allows every human being the option to convert to Judaism. To be Jewish is not a matter of race or blood.

It is only barbaric peoples, who rummaged around looking for racial purity, who should rightly be called ‘racists’. For example, the Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas, who has said more than once that in the Palestine he envisages, there is no room for Jews.
In the same interview that Dershowitz gave to the Israeli newspaper Makor Rishon on April 27 , 2012, he says “Western society has a tremendous problem today with international law, which has become in many cases a source of evil and which serves the hardcore left and Islamist right as ammunition against the democratic values of the West (…)”

The hardcore left was never interested in law and justice. Its ideology permits the use of the law for political purposes. In his opinion, “the State of Israel must create for itself an independent corpus of international law that will be reflected in the decisions of its High Court of Justice and will be based on the principles of international law.”
…The law known as “Human Dignity and Freedom” , a Basic Law in the State of Israel, should make it illegal to expel a Jew from his own land, but does not. The entire law was legislated for the “other”. The law was designed for the Arab population but is a dead letter/ a law no longer enforced for the Jews who are known as ‘settlers’. That was what happened with the expulsion of 10,000 Jews from their land which is recognized in international law as the national home of the Jewish people alone, as we shall see shortly.
An American justice provides strong support for our position – a Jew who sits on the Federal Appellate Court, Richard Posner, who wrote a scathing critique of the judicial theory of retired Israeli High Court Justice Aharon Barak. Posner’s critique appeared in an article written on the English edition of Barak’s book Judge in a Democratic Society.

The article was published in the New Republic and in it, Posner attacks Barak in the sharpest language: “Barak establishes a world record for judicial hubris,”(…) He is a legal buccaneer”.  According to Posner, his writing is “to be considered Exhibit A for why American judges should be extremely wary about citing foreign judicial decisions.[…]”

“What Barak created out of whole cloth was a degree of judicial power undreamed of even by our most aggressive Supreme Court justices […]But only in Israel (as far as I know) do judges confer the power of abstract review on themselves, without benefit of a constitutional or legislative provision. One is reminded of Napoleon’s taking the crown out of the pope’s hands and putting it on his own head.”
Let us return to the central issue: Is a Jew living in Israel in areas that were liberated by the Israeli Army in 1967 indeed a foreign occupier who is violating the Geneva Convention designed to protect human rights, to prevent the theft and dispossession of an occupied people?

And in the Land of Israel under the international law in effect today , is the Jew a foreign occupier of a territory that does not belong to him, but to a state that does not exist and never existed, a state called by the name of Palestine?

In the words of its own heads such as Yassar Arafat, Faisal Husseini, Zuhair Mohsen of the terror organization Al Saika, and even former Knesset member Azmi Bashara — all of it was invented for no other purpose than to be a Trojan horse whose reason for existing is to destroy the state of Israel.

Only a week ago, one of the Hamas leaders from Gaza was photographed imploring Egypt and complaining of the lack of raw materials. He says: We are all brothers. Half of the PA Arab families in Gaza are called al-Masri, meaning from Egypt, and they come from Egypt and the other half from Saudia Arabia. The film may be seen on Youtube.
Dr. Ohana-Arnon, in his article on the origin of the Arab immigrants, says: “Palestinian society is built on a clan or hamula system. The origin of the hamula can be learned from its name: the al-Masri hamula is from Egypt., al-Hindi from India, al-Mugrabi from Algeria, al-Ajami from Iran, al-Turki from Turkey., al-Hawari from Hawara in northern Sudan, now living in Nazareth. Al-Araqi is from Iraq (they settled in the Israeli cities of Tira and Taibeh). Abu-Kask is from Egypt settled (in the inner coastal region) Huran from Mt. Huran – Mt. Druzim south of Damascus, Bushnak from Bosnia (now in Caesarea). Masarwa –from Egypt. Habash from Ethiopia, now in Lod. Barnawi from Borno in Nigeria, now in Jerusalem, Turkeman from the Causcasus.

Not all of the Arabs in the land of Israel are immigrants, but it is foolish to ignore two basic facts: first: that from the late 19th century and until the British mandate, there was a great wave of Arab migration towards Israel, and the second – that in order to create a significant “refugee problem” UNWRA determined in an arbitrary and unprecedented manner that only two years of residence in the country before 1948 is sufficient to define a person as a Palestinian refugee for all of his life, allowing him and his descendants to demand the “right of return.

The world’s enthusiasm for the Palestinian issue does not attest to a sense of justice but to a fervent hatred of Israel. The nations say: “Let us go and destroy them from among the nations, and the name of Israel shall no longer be remembered”. This is the garden-variety brand of anti-Semitism, which must inevitably bounce back to those who launch it, when they will feel remorse and shame. The punishment for nations who try to dispossess the people of Israel from God’s land and take it over is written many times in the Book of Books. I will just refer you to one chapter regarding the nations being judged in the Valley of Jehosaphat, from the Book of Joel, chapter 4:
1 For, behold, in those days, and in that time, when I shall bring back the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem, 2 I will gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat; and I will enter into judgment with them there for My people and for My heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and divided My land. 12 Let the nations be stirred up, and come up to the valley of Jehoshaphat; for there will I sit to judge all the nations round about. 16 And the LORD shall roar from Zion, and utter His voice from Jerusalem, and the heavens and the earth shall shake; but the LORD will be a refuge unto His people, and a stronghold to the children of Israel. 17 So shall ye know that I am the LORD your God, dwelling in Zion My holy mountain; then shall Jerusalem be holy, and there shall no strangers pass through her any more.
This is the question that confronts us here too. Did the Jews conquer a country which was not theirs and mistreat the original inhabitants? Or perhaps it is exactly the opposite: the Arabs’ continuing conquest of the Land of Israel and now of Europe as well is the topic of the discussion.

The foreign occupation is Arab occupation – and it doesn’t matter if it began in the 7th century. The Ottoman conquest was stopped in Vienna in 1683, the Moslems conquered the Iberian Peninsula in 711 and were expelled from there hundreds of years later in the Reconquista. Rome occupied Israel and destroyed the Holy Temple on the Temple Mount in the year 70, expelling al the Jews from their land.

Everything that has been happening since is a continuation of this conquest and occupation. Each time there has been a new conqueror and occupier until the present day when the true owners of the land are finally returning and putting an end to a 2000 year occupation.
The God of Israel who has a design for human history- the God of the universe keeps an account. An account of every Jew who perished in the Holocaust, as well as in Egypt under the Pharaohs who embedded Jewish infants in bricks.

Wherever they hurt, strangled, and slaughtered Jews, the God who keeps accounts will come and when it pleases Him, He will exact payment. About that, we have no doubts…
Gunter Grass is a friend of the radical left in Israel. Grass likes to cite the influence of Israeli writer Amos Oz on the subject of Israel. The Israeli leftists deny the natural and normal right of self-defense to the State of Israel, like Charles de Gaulle who denied Israel the right to the first shot. No one denies Israel its classic right to be the victim.

Even if Israel were destroyed — God forbid — by Iran, it would not have the moral right to make a second strike, according to the Goldstone Report. Just like the Turkish response to our stopping the flotilla to Gaza, so would be the nations of the world’s reaction to an Israeli victory over Iran. That is a very sick thought.

Professor Alan Dershowitz said in his interview: “First I want to say that those Israelis are not only the greatest enemies of Israel; they are also the most dangerous”. He mentions names and adds: “These are all people who wrap themselves in the Israeli flag just so they can burn it”.
The State of Israel has been radically poisoned by accusations of occupation until it does not notice that it itself has been occupied by groups of assimilated or kowtowing Jews.

That is not to mention the anarchists who criticize us every day of the year organized and funded by authorities who turn a blind eye and abandon the army to their provocations. Israel has wittingly and unwittingly opened its gates wide to all that seek her destruction. And that is not just a metaphor. Other examples are encouraging the illegal African immigrants who come to Israel by the thousands, flooding the country
But look at yourselves in Europe today. How did you get to where you are? Was it those ideologies that deny nationalism under the guise of multiculturalism, inventing the obligation to identify with the legitimacy of the enemy’s narrative and obliterating truth as a basic tool of human existence.

Have they not destroyed morality, law, science, and the economy?

Have they not destroyed the culture of the West?

The radical left argues that nationalism, all nationalism, is the religion of the murderers. Now all over Europe we are hearing more and more voices of regret over the multicultural tactic which means Europe surrendering without firing a shot. That is the main reason that the Right is winning elections in European countries such as France, and the reason that I was invited here.

But those sleeping European leaders continue, they still continue to encourage the establishment of a Palestinian state with all the enormous resources they possess. They invest hundreds of billions into a black hole. As long as this contradiction exits, Europe will continue to turn into Eurabia.
Cosmopolitan perceptions open the doors of Europe to millions of work immigrants and give them the rights of citizens. Very soon there will be no Europe, as your host city proves. Why is the false claim that “Islam is shaking off the post-colonial conquest in Europe” not accepted in Europe, and why is it applied to Israel as an occupying nation? What is this double standard of morality?
Indeed, one of the examples of international law in the view of universal justice is found in the Bible. Certainly an enlightened individual would ask himself what is the validity of the Bible. What is the validity of God? Has he left His job or changed the rules and forgot to inform us?

Is the Bible the last refuge of the scoundrel? Church heads in the Middle East as well as extreme rightwing Islamists maintain that the Jews of today have no connection to the nation mentioned in the Bible! And indeed these things are examined every day.

The very fact that there are six million Jews in the Land of Israel today organized into a state and not like ashes that were spewed out at Auschwitz and scattered over the continent is perhaps proof that God’s power is greater than the power of all the enemies of Israel from within and from without. If so, who is right? Does justice represent only the entity by whose hand it is suppressed? Does it represent only might and woe to the vanquished?
In 1947 the Arabs refused the UN General Assembly proposal to partition the Land of Israel into two states. A recommendation which was not accepted as a decision. It was refused and the seven Arab countries launched a war against the State of Israel on its first day of existence. Israel had accepted the recommendation to partition. The Arabs were defeated in battle as usual.

But Jordan illegally occupied the territory that was designated for an Arab state that didn’t exist and never had. This occupation was recognized only by Pakistan and Great Britain. When Jordan was defeated in 1967, and expelled from the territory by the State of Israel, the territory reverted to its original owners both according to the Bible and to positivist international law of today.

What is interesting here is international law and Israel did restore to itself the territory that Britain had received as a mandate in 1920 from the League of Nations at the San Remo Conference, a mandate for a Jewish homeland in the Land of Israel. Without infringing upon the personal rights and religious rights of the non-Jewish inhabitants of the land, namely the Arabs. That is the legal status to this day.

Appearing on the website of the Land of Israel loyalists is a document, written by Yoel Lerner, a student of the legal expert Howard Grief together with Gedalia Glazar, that shows the continuity of international law and conventions on this subject.

The one who conquers territory from a conqueror wins that area. We Jews say that what is called potentially Palestine under the partition proposal known as resolution 181 was purified through Abdullah father of Hussein and with the defeat of his son , and his willing surrender of the West Bank in 1988. And the Peace Agreement between Israel and Jordan 1994, according to which Jordan gave up all her claims in the west bank.

We are not occupiers in our own homeland. That was also said by Netanyahu in his speech to both Houses of Congress last year. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs says the same thing, thanks to the organization that we have established “the Land of Israel Loyalists” developed by legal scholars Howard Grief, Eliav Shochetman, and Talya Einhorn.

However, because Israel law has been occupied by the left, and for other psycho-political reasons, Israel has generally refrained from using these arguments because it feels that rights which are based on the Bible are not suited to an enlightened state.
The State of Israel’s obsessive pursuit of peace, peace until the last Jew, is a dangerous compulsion that inflames the hatred of our enemies and intensifies all future war.

At times it seems that for an unattainable peace, Israel is prepared to risk the lives of its citizens and to hand over its God-given land to its enemies, not only as a recognition of the value of peace but as a desire for legitimacy which it seeks from the nations of the world, especially from its neighbors. King David, the poet of the psalms, related to this in his psalm about neighbors and peace, for example in Psalm 120:
1 A Song of Ascents. In my distress I called unto the LORD, and He answered me. 2 O LORD, deliver my soul from lying lips, from a deceitful tongue. 3 What shall be given unto thee, and what shall be done more unto thee, thou deceitful tongue? 4 Sharp arrows of the mighty, with coals of broom. 5 Woe is me, that I sojourn with Meshech, that I dwell beside the tents of Kedar! 6 My soul hath full long had her dwelling with him that hates peace. 7 I am all peace; but when I speak, they are for war.
That is why the State of Israel has been making a mistake ever since it was established when it makes so-called peace its top priority as an attainable goal, instead of decisively defeating the enemy that sees peace as only a strategy to improve their ability to destroy us.

Islam is rife with concepts involving deception such as Hudna and Tahadia which are proof of Mohammed betraying the tribe of Qurayish and his treachery against the tribes of Jews at Khayber as a symbol of his ethics in dealing with my people, the people of the Book.

To this very day the Battle of Khaybar serves as source of inspiration for Moslem soldiers in their wars, especially against Israel. During the first intifada the demonstrators shouted slogans like “Khaybar Khaybar ya yehud, Jaish Mihammad sa-yaud” meaning “Remember Khaybar, Jews, Muhammad’s army will yet return” or “Khaybar, Khaybar Jews, to Palestine we will yet return”.
Therefore one cannot sign any peace treaty with followers of Muhammad. No hudna or tahadia can be the basis of negotiations. Who in the Jewish side negotiating even tactically on the basis of these concepts can assume responsibility for the consequences of these so-called agreements, such as for example, the peace treaty with Egypt which is collapsing now with a great crash.

Peace is not a strategy.

In conclusion, I will relate in brief to the status of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel under international law. This is in complete contradiction of the false and malicious propaganda that is poisoning the entire world as though the Jewish people, acting through its representative the State of Israel, is acting in violation of international law.
It began with the Balfour Declaration in 1917 through the Weizmann-Faisal Agreement in 1919, which is the only Jewish-Arab peace agreement, then to the important resolutions of the San Remo Conference in 1920 where the international community gave the Jewish people a national homeland which included both banks of the Jordan River.

Great Britain, acting according to its standard norm, betrayed this idea in 1922 and tore off the east bank of the Jordan from the Jewish national homeland. Even after this deed of “perfidious Albion”, the resolution was approved — that the entire west bank of the Jordan belongs to the Jewish people as a national home.
According to senior jurists, this decision is in effect and binding to this very day. It was ratified among other places in Article 80 of the UN charter which recognized all of the resolutions that under the Mandate had given rights as binding resolutions.

In contrast, the 1947 partition plan was a recommendation of the UN Assembly only and remained a recommendation which was even rejected by the Arabs who responded by launching a war against Israel that very day to annihilate it. This is what caused the refugee problem which they carefully preserve to this day to use as a weapon against the state of Israel and the Jewish people and to rob the public funds.
The claims that the State of Israel is violating the Fourth Geneva Convention under which one is prohibited from expelling a population and settling another in its stead are propaganda slogans with no basis in law. As one of the top legal experts in the world has said, this is the irony of the absurd, because Israel expelled no one from the occupied territories of a state.

The ‘settlers’ went joyfully to settle in their own land as part of the Divine process of Redemption …
Those who call themselves Palestinians are not a people and they have no state. No one displaced them. Indeed, the opposite is true – Israel rehabilitated them and gave them a chance to live normal lives. The only ones in the Middle East who live this way, in what is known the Arab space, act in submission to incitement and extreme ingratitude, and use their usual culture of falsehood to fight Israel.
The Middle East has indeed collapsed.

The San Remo agreements fell because the artificial states that were created as a result of the temporary victory of the Allies in World War I was obliterated by everything that happened in the Middle East.

States like Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq are in various stages of disintegration mainly because of their own tribal rivalries and internal religious wars.

The West did manage to maintain the situation for some one hundred years through a system of bribery. But now the end has come, together with the Arab Spring.

It is still not clear what will happen in Egypt except for chaos, but the West bears heavy responsibility for what is happening in Syria and Iraq. The fall of the Qadaffi regime has repercussions all over Africa and is causing continued bloodshed that no one can solve. The UN as usual shows itself to be a factor that encourages wars and not a peace maker.

Let the Arab and Moslem nationalists return to their national habitat, and the Jews to theirs, as Abraham divided the lands between himself and his nephew Lot and between Ishmael and his brothers, and peace and truth may you love for the sake of G-d’s name.


Professor Hillel Weiss

The author is a noted researcher in the Department of Literature of the Jewish People, Bar-llan University. He is an extra-party political activist and member of the board of the Neemanei Eretz Yisrael organization.

שיר בטלוויזיה הפלסטינית

Вещи из разрушенного поселения Мицпе-Авихай


Вещи из разрушенного поселения Мицпе-Авихай были отобраны у владельцев и выброшены гражданской администрацией на свалку, где они стали легкой добычей местных арабских племен.

Операция «Литой свинец» ( עופרת יצוקה )

Три года назад ЦАХАЛ провел операцию против ХАМАСа в Газе.

Wikileaks about «Betzelem»

«Two-State Solution Will Lead to the Collapse of Israel»

Блокада Газы продолжается…

Тяжела жизнь осажденных.  На днях в Газе открылся новый «Метро-Маркет».

Флотилии должны плыть не в Газу, а ИЗ Газы:



























«Железный занавес»

92-Year-Old Palestinian Woman in a Right-of-Return Demonstration: Palestinians Should Massacre the Jews Like We Massacred Them in Hebron

MEMRI: 92-Year-Old Palestinian Woman in a Right-of-Return Demonstration: Palestinians Should Massacre the Jews Like We Massacred Them in Hebron

Народное творчество подопечных Антанты

Стены Бенгази, столицы восставших против режима Каддафи, наглядно свидетельствуют ху из ху.

Это не территориальный конфликт !

Депутат Кнессета д-р Арье Эльдад дал интервью, в котором рассказал о событиях, произошедших с некогда милой 20-летней студенткой, проживавшей в лагере беженцев Джабалия (пригород Газы). 15 ноября 2004 года Вафа аль-Бис была дома вдвоём с отцом, собиралась испечь тортик, но на кухне произошла утечка газа, которая, собственно, и причинила ожог 45% тела (это версия отца и официальная версия — что было на самом деле я не знаю).»Я участвовал в создании израильского национального банка кожи, являющегося наибольшим в мире. В банке хранится кожа для военного времени, а также для несчастных случаев в мирное время. Этот банк находится при университетской больнице Хадасса Эйн-Карем в Иерусалиме, где я возглавлял отделение пластической хирургии. Однажды меня попросили выделить кожу для арабской женщины из Сектора Газа, которая была госпитализирована в больнице «Сорока» в Беэр-Шеве после того, как ее семья пыталась её сжечь…

  • Обычно, такие злодеяния случаются в арабских семьях, когда женщины подозреваются в запретных любовных связях. Мы предоставили аллотрансплантаты для пересадки, успешно проведённой моим другом и коллегой, профессором Лиором Розенбергом; после операции её выписали и она вернулась в Сектор Газа. Ей предписали регулярно посещать амбулаторную клинику в Беэр-Шеве и однажды она была схвачена при переходе границы, когда на ней был пояс смертника. Она намеревалась взорвать себя в клинике больницы, где ей спасли жизнь. Кажется, её семья обещала ей, что если она сделает это, то будет прощена. Это только один пример войны между евреями и арабами на земле Израиля. Это не территориальный конфликт. Это конфликт цивилизаций.»

Видео-репортаж об этом случае:





Great Jerusalem

Депутат Кнессета Ципи Хотовели («Ликуд»):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

השר משה (בוגי) יעלון: אתגרי הביטחון

מדוע צריכים להביא נבוט לכל מו»מ במזרח התיכון? מה ההשלכות של תוכנית הגרעין האיראנית? ואיך קשור הפער החברתי לביטחון לאומי? המשנה לראש הממשלה והשר לנושאים אסטרטגים משה (בוגי) יעלון מציג את עיקרי היעדים והאתגרים בתחום הביטחון הלאומי שעומדים בפני מדינת ישראל בסמינר של המרכז לחקר ביטחון לאומי באוניברסיטת חיפה.
השר משה (בוגי) יעלון


Your next destination

Plan your next vacation, visit Paradise:

Самария — сердце Эрец-Исраэль ( שומרון — לב הארץ )

1) Поездка левых журналистов 2-го канала Израильского телевидения по Самарии:

סיור אח″מים ביהודה ושומרון

Смотреть(иврит) >>>


2) Сбор маслин в еврейских поселениях Самарии:


Интересно, что те же организации по защите прав человека от евреев носятся с африканцами и ничуть не обеспокоены охраной «расовой чистоты Израиля», как в случае с угнетенными палестинцами. Оккупация Иудеи и Самарии, говорят они, приведет к созданию 2-национального государства, поэтому — «надо отделить их от нас».
Захотят ли они отделять Южный Тель-Авив ?

Не все против нас…

«…All Canadians can be proud that the country has a prime minister who does not grovel to the received international opinion on matters such as the Middle East. (He rendered the same service on the global-warming debate by not signing Canada prematurely onto one of the Doomdsay scenarios, that have become the subject of scientific reappraisal.) This is a huge improvement on the trendy pandering of Pierre Trudeau: the Third Way, North-South, his absurd arms-control proposals, facilitation of Castro’s war-making in Angola, veneration of the Nyerere economic miracle in Tanzania (a 90% decline in per capita income). On these matters, Stephen Harper has been a prophet with honour.»

Read more: http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2010/06/12/conrad-black-israels-friends-in-canada/

«How is aid to help Gaza so long as that aid is manipulated by a terrorist group for its own purposes? How is peace to come so long as half the Palestinian population is governed by that terrorist group?…»

Read more: http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2010/06/12/david-frum-the-gaza-flotillas-real-message/

И даже этот так считает :-))))

«Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is opposed to lifting the naval blockade of the Gaza Strip because this would bolster Hamas, according to what he told United States President Barack Obama during their meeting at the White House Wednesday. Egypt also supports this position. «


What the media won’t report about Gaza

By Tom Gross

In recent days, the international media, particularly in Europe and the Mideast, has been full of stories about “activist boats sailing to Gaza carrying desperately-needed humanitarian aid and building materials.”

The BBC World Service even led its world news broadcasts with this story at one point over the weekend. (The BBC yesterday boasted that its global news audience has now risen to 220 million persons a week, making it by far the biggest news broadcaster in the world.)

Indeed the BBC and other prominent Western media regularly lead their viewers and readers astray with accounts of a non-existent “mass humanitarian catastrophe” in Gaza.
What they won’t tell you about are the fancy new restaurants and swimming pools of Gaza, or about the wind surfing competitions on Gaza beaches, or the Strip’s crowded shops and markets. Many Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza live a middle class (and in some cases an upper class) lifestyle that western journalists refuse to report on because it doesn’t fit with the simplistic story they were sent to write…

And here is a promotional video of the club restaurant . In case anyone doubts the authenticity of this video, I just called the club in Gaza City and had a nice chat with the manager who proudly confirmed business is booming and many Palestinians and international guests are dining there:

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5-я колонна ( גייס חמישי )

3.5 придурка из «Нетурей Карта» это, конечно, идеальная мишень. Одним ударом —  и по пейсам с лапсердаками, и по флагу ООП,  и по Ахмадинеджадке. Но они любители.

А вот — настоящие профессионалы, «тоцерет кахоль-лаван»:

А с «Нетурей Карта» красиво разбираются сами «пейсатые».

«Spot and strike»

«VIDEO – The IDF has released, for the first time Tuesday footage of the tracking system deployed along the Gaza border in order to thwart terror attacks.
The system, dubbed «spot and strike,» is operated by the IDF’s Field Intelligence Corps. The footage shows how the system targets a Palestinian terrorist who was involved in an attempted attack that took place in late December 2009.
The system was controlled by a female officer from the Nesher Observation Unit. The officer directed a military helicopter and a Golani force to the location of the terrorist, while also following three other cell members, thus foiling the attack.»

читать дальше и смотреть ролик: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3856980,00.html

 иврит: http://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-3856921,00.html

Коротко и ясно: MUST READ

The decisive factor

Shoah memory will prompt Israel to strike Iran should all else fail
Ronen Bergman

A “top secret” document relates how the CIA’s representative in Israel was urgently summoned for a secret meeting at the Mossad director’s home. The Mossad chief will say in retrospect that “it was the most difficult meeting I ever had to hold with a representative of a foreign intelligence service.”
The Mossad chief opened by saying: We have reached a turning point that is more important for you than for us…we are facing a grave situation and I believe we reached this state because we haven’t acted thus far…personally, I am sorry that we did not respond immediately. We may have violated some rules, yet the outcome would be positive for you. We should have hit before the buildup.

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Is partition still possible?

Yaron London looks at demographic predictions, their implication for Israel’s future
Yaron London

For several years now, a war of demographers has been going on in our midst. The rivals are quarreling over the number of Palestinians living between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea and about their population growth projections. The argument that the balance is tilting against the Jews serves disengagement fans. The argument that the opposite is true boosts those in favor of annexation.
Ehud Barak is part of the former group. In his speech at the Herzliya Conference, he said that 12 million people reside between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea. Holding on to this entire territory and controlling the Arab population living there will present us with a choice between the Jewish state’s demise and the imposition of an apartheid regime, he said.
The figure quoted by the minister is puzzling. Israel’s population at this time is 7.5 million, including 1.5 million Arabs. Hence, the Arab population in Judea, Samaria and Gaza must be 4.5 million, according to Barak. If we add the number of Israeli Arabs to this figure we’ll discover that the Jewish and Arab populations are equal at this time already. Something is wrong with the math.

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Jerusalem Conference, 2010

Депутат Кнессета Ципи Хотевели («Ликуд»): «Дать израильское гражданство арабам Иудеи и Самарии»
Речь на Jerusalem Conference, 2010:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Йорам Эттингер объясняет почему идея «2 государства для 2 народов» не будет работать для арабо-израильского конфликта
Речь на Jerusalem Conference, 2010:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

«Заговор ашкеназских мудрецов»

Йотам Фельдман и Том Сегев о новой книге профессора Йехуды Шенхава.

«Shenhav names numerous representatives of this new nostalgia, including Yossi Beilin, Dan Meridor, Haim Ramon, Tzipi Livni, Talia Sasson, Aharon Barak, Ruth Gavison, Ami Ayalon, Ari Shavit, Amos Schocken, Dan Margalit, Amnon Dankner and many others. He writes that what those gripped by the «new nostalgia» really long for is not just an Israel devoid of the West Bank, but also a more Ashkenazi and less religious Israel. He presents a long list of quotations in which those who miss the pre-’67 period express their aversion to the settlers’ irrationality. A great deal of their criticism of the settlements refers to the settlers as an undifferentiated, homogenous bloc and attributes to them irrational behavior that is counter to the values of the state’s Ashkenazi founders.»

Читать дальше:

1) http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1150822.html

2) http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1150821.html


Алуф Бен. «Так родилась “отключка”»

«На встречах «Фермы» протокол не вели. Только малая их часть фигурировала в официальном расписании премьер-министра (обозначались – «Private, Meirav», по имени Мейрав Катриэль, которая была техническим организатором встреч. Поэтому, трудно воспроизвести точные даты – можно лишь сказать, что заседания «Фермы» происходили с конца сентября – начала октября 2003 года и тех пор «размежеванию» были посвящены «десятки встреч», по словам их участников. «


Репортаж: Плавающие бомбы из Газы

2-й канал ИТВ впервые показал как выглядели три плавающие бомбы, найденные в Ашкелоне, Ашдоде и Пальмахим:

видео-репортаж здесь:

Новый сенатор от Массачусетса Скотт Браун: позиция по ближневосточному конфликту

Senator-elect Scott Brown issued a position paper on the United States- Israel Relationship before the election held this week.


Презентация посла Дори Голда: Израиль и отчет Голдстона

On Thursday, November 5, 2009, Amb. Dore Gold and Judge Richard Goldstone discussed the UN report on Gaza war crimes. Below is the visual presentation which accompanied Amb. Gold:


Новый тип гетто

Авиад Клейнберг: «Окружение Израиля стенами приведет к созданию внутренних стен»

«The mentality of separation, of turning an alienated back on those who are not quite like us (Jewish or Arab or secular or religious or poor or wealthy or white or black) does not stop at the border fence. It gets through just as easily as before. Welcome to the first Hebrew ghetto.»


Тема: Baskerville, автор: Anders Noren.

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