… לִבִּי בְמִזְרָח וְאָנֹכִי בְּסוֹף מַעֲרָב



Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria

Application of Israeli Sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, 2nd Annual Conference.
Organized by Women in Green.
Caroline Glick

Yoram Ettinger(english): http://youtu.be/p2EmbVJMlks
Yoram Ettinger(hebrew): http://youtu.be/nsJ5dXVgphE

Howard Grief (english): http://youtu.be/nfLNXrYTZ2Y
Howard Grief (hebrew): http://youtu.be/ILlsMKS6Ufw

Adv. Daphna Netanyahu (english): http://youtu.be/NrPwu50eB2M
Adv. Daphna Netanyahu (hebrew): http://youtu.be/Qs2GyjEitUs

Adv. Itzik Bam (english): http://youtu.be/EgWmgpi0LIk
Adv. Itzik Bam (hebrew): http://youtu.be/-EEjlJC9Ej0

Eran Bar Tal  (english): http://youtu.be/0eMTmDqRJTc
Eran Bar Tal  (hebrew): http://youtu.be/I93je33vscY

Emanuel Shilo (english): http://youtu.be/49c2X1jdTGc
Emanuel Shilo (hebrew): http://youtu.be/8PSNtPl5cLc

MK Tzipi Hotovely (english): http://youtu.be/Mut2v4Ts_tg
MK Tzipi Hotovely (hebrew): http://youtu.be/4m3qQJ7vKyQ

Arabs about «Arab spring»

One day in Minsk and SF

The Rhythm of Israel

Birth of book


Чудеса кино

North Korean Life…

השורה התחתונה: היום משה פייגלין הוא המיינסטרים בליכוד

ד″ר שלמה מעוז על אי השוויון במדינת ישראל

בעקבות נאום זה פוטר היום שלמה מעוז מתפקידו ככלכלן הראשי של אקסלנס. יש שמסכימים איתו ויש שחולקים עליו, אבל לפטר אותו בגלל הנאום הזה? לאן הגענו?

The Soros plan to topple Netanyahu

In late February, the Israeli Knesset passed the NGO Funding Transparency Bill by 40 to 34. It had been a long journey for the bill which despite its neutered state was still a declaration of war by the conservative Likud Party​ against the shadow NGO empire that was the Soros way.
While the bill was no longer able to empower the lifting of tax exempt status for foreign funded NGO’s and it only addressed foreign funding of NGO’s by government entities, it was a major step for foreign funding transparency. The Soros empire had been built on non-transparency, on hidden donor lists and front groups funded by think tanks with money pipelined in grants through a dozen different organizations.
NGO transparency threatened the entire Soros empire and the passage of even a neutered bill meant that Israel might finally be ready to begin rolling back the peel on the rotten fruits of the Open Society Institute. First governments, then foreign funders, parliamentary inquiries into foreign funding and then the loss of tax exempt status for left wing NGO’s waging a civil war.
The response came quickly. Less than two months later, Stanley Greenberg, whose firm had done work for OSI, presented a plan to use social protests to create a new majority against the government. Some of the funding for the protests came from fellow Shadow Party billionaire, S. Daniel Abraham​.
Abraham was a former board member of Soros’ International Crisis Group and had provided the manpower for J Street, while the Soros money stayed hidden in the paperwork that no one was supposed to see. The president of Abraham’s eponymous organization is Robert Wexler​, the former congressman from J Street and an adviser on the Middle East to the Obama campaign.
Netanyahu’s sharp exchange with Obama in May motivated even Democrats who weren’t in Soros’ vest pocket to find a way to force him out of office. It was no longer just fear of losing the Israeli left as their hand puppet– the American Jewish vote was in play. Replacing Netanyahu with a lefty eager to appease the terrorists would heal the split with Obama and Jewish voters.
The American and European left could provide the money and the strategy, but the Israeli left would have to do the heavy lifting to save the millions of dollars flowing their way from their foreign backers. On the Israeli side were left wing veterans of Clinton’s successful effort to topple Netanyahu. Greenberg had been on that campaign and the plan was to do it all over again.
Two months after Greenberg’s presentation, the ball was rolling. Eldad Yaniv, who had been there when the master plan to take over the country was unveiled, was soliciting volunteers for a campaign against housing prices. And not long after that, Daphni Leef, a radical left-wing activist, set up an encampment and a Facebook page protesting against high real estate prices. Who was Leef? She was a video editor for the New Israel Fund.
The New Israel Fund is the mothership of Israeli left-wing NGO’s and it is the most threatened by donor transparency. The NIF’s 25 million dollar annual budget is used to fund even more radical groups some of which call for boycotting or outright destroying the State of Israel. A recent Wikileaks report quoted the local head of NIF, Hedva Radovanitz, as saying that she expected the country to disappear and be replaced by a more “democratic” Arab state.
Soros had used his Open Society Institute to feed money to the NIF, one of its employees had become the point woman for the protests– and the NIF was also funding the protests.
Shatil, the NIF’s “empowerment and training” arm mobilized tent protesters, wrote up a guide for them and brought out the money. Also helping out was Rabbis for Human Rights, recipients of sizable grants from the Open Society Institute and the Tides Foundation. Rabbis for Human Rights had even given awards in one evening to both the presidents of the NIF and the OSI.
The Greenberg plan in typically Sorosian fashion aimed at dispersing the organization to as many groups as possible to make it seem as if there was a plurality of voices in a grass roots populist movement, rather than a well orchestrated plan by the left’s international backers to topple a government which had become a threat to them.
Netanyahu’s sound fiscal management had brought Israel through the global economic turmoil in fairly good shape, but the country was not immune to the rising prices that had stirred up the revolts of the Arab Spring. The social protests followed a similar template with a similar intent.
Israel is a parliamentary democracy and its elected officials can be forced out by no confidence votes. In 1999 a no confidence vote had ended Netanyahu’s first term in office. Protests, trumped up charges and Clinton’s meddling allowed a cabal of leftist tycoons and NGO’s oust Netanyahu and replace him with Barak. Now the left is partying in Tel Aviv like it’s 1999 all over again
The left is utilizing a tactical blueprint tested around the world by Soros front groups or grantees. Hijacking protests over the price of bread allowed him to topple Mubarak. Now it’s Israel’s turn.
The campaign for Israeli NGO transparency threatens Soros’ long term influence in Israel and the defection of Jewish voters threatens his influence in America.

His Israeli puppets have big money at stake. Soros, the Shadow Party billionaires and the EU have spent fortunes to buy up the left. Israeli left-wing university grads with no talent for tech have a lucrative alternative to dot coms in the NGO and if their NGO mafia were to collapse, it would give the leaders of the housing protests some real economic problems to cry about.
Meanwhile a guillotine was set up at the center of Tel Aviv’s housing protest tent city. It’s a message for Netanyahu from the man who has toppled governments and currencies, that his days are numbered.



תמונות שלא תראו בערוצי המהפכה


To «Pink Floyd» lovers (Любителям «Пинк Флойд»)

Remember this when next time buying their CD:


Eco-Tourism in Northern Israel

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Новости ЦАХАЛа

В свободную минуту:

IAI reveals ‘Ghost’ mini unmanned rotorcraft

Справа — Яир Шамир, сын Ицхака Шамира:

Боец подразделения спецназа «Эгоз» с новым израильским автоматом «Мини-Тавор»:

Beni Gantz:

IMI’s «Red Sky 2» — Man Portable Air Defense System

The Electronic Flight Bag — from Astronautics C.A.

Rafaels Integrated Upgrade Solution for AFVs:

Great Jerusalem

Депутат Кнессета Ципи Хотовели («Ликуд»):

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Sir Ken Robinson on education ( לשנות את פרדיגמת החינוך )

קליק על כפתור «СС» לקבלת תרגום לעברית

Help israeli economy — buy israeli wine !

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Your next destination

Plan your next vacation, visit Paradise:

Если в кране нет воды…

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There is no national economy, there might be national poverty

Shimon Peres:


«No country, not even the US, can determine the fate of the global economy. 40 years ago, the average American citizen was 30 times wealthier than the average Chinese citizen. Today, that gap has narrowed to five. The US economy has fallen from a third of the global economy to a fifth, said President Shimon Peres said at the start of the «Globes» Israel Business Conference 2010 in Tel Aviv this morning.

Peres added, «The Chinese and the Americans are interdependent, and it is taking up more and more room. China is trying to buy the world, and so are the Russians. The world is trying to enter China and the competition is intensifying. The old national economy is giving way to the global economy.

«Almost no country in the world, Israel included, is just a national state any more. All countries are affected in all fields by global events. Our fate is not just historical, but also global. In the past, the world’s 192 countries were like ships on the sea, and the biggest problem was to prevent collisions. Today, the world is more like one great ship with 192 cabins. The cabins are the nations, and on the global ship, and the fate of every cabin on board depends on the fate of the ship, and what happens in the cabins affects the fate of the ship.»

Peres said, «When there are dangerous cabins, and they exist, then a broad coalition of other cabins will press the dangerous cabins to surrender for the good of the ship. The problem is ship-wide, and not a problem of collisions between ships. No matter where you look, we see the huge effect of the ship on the cabin, including the Israeli cabin. This begins with the economy: there is no national economy. There might be national poverty, but anyone wanting national growth must turn to the global economy.»




Shai Agassi:


«A brand is the sum total of all expectations that people have about a particular product. Israel is also a brand and branding work has to be constantly conducted for it. That’s what we do at Better Place. We combine our brand with Israel’s,» said Better Place LLC CEO Shai Agassi at the «Globes» Israel Business Conference in Tel Aviv today.

Agassi added, «The Israeli government has said that it wants to end the country’s dependence on oil, and we’re helping it do that.»

Agassi said, «Better Place utilizes Israel’s extensive human capital. We’re a small country, and that’s an advantage. A lot of mechanisms have been set up to absorb risk, and they created our venture capital and high-tech driven economy. What we lack are competitive mechanisms for manufacturing. We can’t compete against Chinese or European manufacturing.

«Better Place is an Israeli project, and I get patted on the back around the world for our venture. The big question is how we build mechanisms that will create a return on the venture capital and persuade foreign manufacturers to invest in Israel. We can create great change, and we mustn’t lose this faith ¬- the very existence of Israel is a great change. We mustn’t stop it and we must carry it through to the end.»

Agassi concluded, «At the ‘Globes» conference 2030, they will discuss the Israeli wonder of recent years — a country that ended its dependence on foreign energy — by finding gas and severing its dependence on oil… It also made peace because it had no choice.»



2010 מצב האומה

ME Viewpoints

Arms for the King and His Family:
The U.S. Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia
Joshua Teitelbaum

On October 20, 2010, the U.S. State Department notified Congress of its intention to make the biggest arms sale in American history — an estimated $60.5 billion purchase by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The package represents a considerable improvement in the offensive capability of the Saudi armed forces.

read more: http://www.jcpa.org/JCPA/Templates/ShowPage.asp?DRIT=1&DBID=1&LNGID=1&TMID=111&FID=376&PID=0&IID=5177&TTL=Arms_for_the_King_and_His_Family:_The_U.S._Arms_Sale_to_Saudi_Arabia

Rachel’s Tomb, a Jewish Holy Place, Was Never a Mosque
Nadav Shragai

UNESCO has declared that Rachel’s Tomb near Jerusalem is the Bilal ibn Rabah mosque — endorsing a Palestinian claim that first surfaced only in 1996 and which ignores centuries of Muslim tradition.

read more: http://www.jcpa.org/JCPA/Templates/ShowPage.asp?DRIT=2&DBID=1&LNGID=1&TMID=111&FID=443&PID=0&IID=5214&TTL=Rachel’s_Tomb,_a_Jewish_Holy_Place,_Was_Never_a_Mosque

Before you boycott Israel!

End of era

For 50 years, Mark Chernin had been walking through the front doors of the old synagogue on Prince Street and seeing the same things every time. It was like home to him, or a part of home. He knew the place that well.

It was where he had his bar mitzvah. Where he went to Hebrew school. Where he learned, as a child, that nobody could escape the all-seeing gaze of old Mr. Lipkus, one of the Jewish elders.

Mr. Chernin is 53 now, and when he walked into The Congregation Sons of Israel Synagogue in Glace Bay, N.S., two weeks ago, the place he knew was not there anymore.

Read more: http://life.nationalpost.com/2010/08/02/closure-of-cape-breton%E2%80%99s-oldest-synagogue-marks-end-of-era/#ixzz0vVikJcaG

The Mythography of Tel Aviv

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Музей тракторов в мошаве Эйн-Веред ( מוזיאון הטרקטורים בעיו ורד )

מוזיאון הטרקטורים בעיו ורד מרכז אוסף של טרקטורים משנות השלושים עד חמישים שהוחזרו למצב עבודה על ידי מתנדבים שאוהבים טרקטורים

Чёрный юмор ?

Смешно ? А я думаю — грустно …

Тема: Baskerville, автор: Anders Noren.

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