Pastor Hagee:

The Bible tells us: (1) All Israel will be saved (Rom. 11:26), (2) Israel will welcome the Messiah (Zach 12:10), and (3) Israel will come to repentance (Rom. 11:27). All the believing, righteous Jews that honored the Torah, alive and dead, will acknowledge Jesus to be the Messiah and God will fulfill His promises to them out of faithfulness to Himself. If He can be faithful to the Jew, then you and I, the gentiles, have a place in the Kingdom as well. If God cannot be faithful to the Jew, then He will not be to us either.

Yes, the Jews are God’s chosen people, BUT THEY ARE NOT SAVED UNLESS THEY BELIEVE AND ACCEPT JESUS AS THEIR LORD AND SAVIOR. Jews were the first to receive the Word of God and have been its guardians throughout the centuries, often giving their lives to preserve the word. The great heroes of the Old Testament were Jews — Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, David, Solomon, etc. JESUS WAS A JEW. The apostles were Jews. Jews wrote nearly all of the New Testament. Much of the book of Romans contrasts Jews and Gentiles, and chapters 3 and 4 are particularly helpful. We love the Jews, we support the Jews, we praise God for the Jews — as the Psalmist said, «Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.» (Ps. 122:6). In Genesis beginning chapter 11, you can read for yourself God’s declaration to the Jewish people.

The same need for the Jews to receive Christ as Savior exists as the need for the gentiles. Pastor believes that witnessing Jesus to the Jewish people ONE ON ONE is the most effective way instead of targeting them as a group or nation. Keep in mind that God has ‘blinded the eyes’ of the Jews and hardened their hearts for having denied Christ. Also, there has been a history of persecution against the Jewish people in the name of Christianity. For this reason Pastor believes that one on one witnessing is more effective than targeting the nation as a whole.

Мина Фэнтон о пасторе Хаги (иврит):