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13 мая, 2010

Region on Verge of Explosion…

Gemayel: Region on Verge of Explosion, Hizbullah Should Be More Humble

Phalange Party leader Amin Gemayel said the region is on the verge of explosion and urged Hizbullah to be more humble.

«The regional situation is either dragging us into a mess, and this means more trouble for Lebanon, or is on the verge of an explosion, meaning Lebanon will not be spared,» Gemayel said in an interview published Friday by pan-Arab daily Al-Hayat.
«We should avoid igniting a regional war,» Gemayel warned, pointing to three crises with an impact on Lebanon – Israel’s stubbornness and hostility towards Arabs and Palestinians, the difficulty facing the new Iraqi regime against terror and the Iranian nuclear issue.

He called on Hizbullah to be «more humble» and to take into account the concerns of the vast majority of Lebanese in terms of usage of weapons.

Gemayel said «some» aspects of the political leanings that emerged in 2005 no longer exist, pointing to Druze leader Walid Jumblat who quit the March 14 alliance and to dispute over Article 6 of the ministerial statement which is related to Hizbullah arms and relations with Syria.


Hizballah Prepares for the Next War

… Whether these rugged hills will see yet another war depends less on the likely combatants than on the U.S. and Iran. Hizballah is viewed as one component of Iran’s deterrence against a possible attack on its nuclear sites, should diplomatic efforts fail to resolve the standoff with the West over its enrichment of uranium. And recent conversations with Hizballah fighters reveal an organization at the peak of its military powers, with an army of well-trained, disciplined and highly motivated combatants wielding advanced weaponry, cultivating new tactics and brimming with confidence.
«The next war is coming, 100%, but we don’t know when,» says Ali, a thickly muscled university student. «We have big plans for it. God willing, you will see the end of Israel.» …


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