Dershowitz accused anarchist Jewish linguist Noam Chomsky of creating a hostile atmosphere among many groups in the United States and in its academic campuses.
They are creating a narrative which always presents Israel as a Nazi occupier, he said, while shutting their eyes to facts contradicting those same claims, like the ties between Jerusalem’s Grand Mufti Haj Muhammed Amin al-Husseini and Nazi leader Adolf Hitler during World War II.
According to the prominent lawyer, these acts are «legal terror» aimed at slandering Israel’s name.
He went on to explain that Israel’s greatest enemies were not radical Muslims, who he said only strengthened its claims, but rather Jews and Israelis worldwide using their descent in order to boost their unrestrainable attacks against Israel…,2506,L-3888025,00.html

דרשוביץ אמר כי על ישראל לפתוח במלחמה של ממש נגד ההסתה נגדה — ובכל מקום אפשרי. «עלינו להגיב תמיד כאשר הטיעונים נמצאים לצדנו — באו»ם, בבית הדין בהאג ובכל מקום אחר. ישראל אולי תפסיד בהצבעה, אך לא תחמיץ את ההזדמנות להשמיע את טיעוניה»…,2506,L-3887960,00.html