The decisive factor

Shoah memory will prompt Israel to strike Iran should all else fail
Ronen Bergman

A “top secret” document relates how the CIA’s representative in Israel was urgently summoned for a secret meeting at the Mossad director’s home. The Mossad chief will say in retrospect that “it was the most difficult meeting I ever had to hold with a representative of a foreign intelligence service.”
The Mossad chief opened by saying: We have reached a turning point that is more important for you than for us…we are facing a grave situation and I believe we reached this state because we haven’t acted thus far…personally, I am sorry that we did not respond immediately. We may have violated some rules, yet the outcome would be positive for you. We should have hit before the buildup.

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Is partition still possible?

Yaron London looks at demographic predictions, their implication for Israel’s future
Yaron London

For several years now, a war of demographers has been going on in our midst. The rivals are quarreling over the number of Palestinians living between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea and about their population growth projections. The argument that the balance is tilting against the Jews serves disengagement fans. The argument that the opposite is true boosts those in favor of annexation.
Ehud Barak is part of the former group. In his speech at the Herzliya Conference, he said that 12 million people reside between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea. Holding on to this entire territory and controlling the Arab population living there will present us with a choice between the Jewish state’s demise and the imposition of an apartheid regime, he said.
The figure quoted by the minister is puzzling. Israel’s population at this time is 7.5 million, including 1.5 million Arabs. Hence, the Arab population in Judea, Samaria and Gaza must be 4.5 million, according to Barak. If we add the number of Israeli Arabs to this figure we’ll discover that the Jewish and Arab populations are equal at this time already. Something is wrong with the math.

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