… לִבִּי בְמִזְרָח וְאָנֹכִי בְּסוֹף מַעֲרָב


19 января, 2010

ЖД Хайфа-Бейрут-Триполи(HBT)

Забытая дорога, построенная в 40-х гг
Фотографии сделаны в районе Акко, Наhарии и Бейрута

«South African Army engineers built the first section of a new Haifa — Beirut — Tripoli (HBT) railway, branching off the 1050 mm gauge Haifa — Acre line and running along the rocky coast and through two tunnels to Beirut. For its construction the HBT initially used 1050 mm gauge track throughout the Haifa — Beirut section for through running of traffic carrying railway construction materials. The South Africans were transferred to other duties and the Haifa — Beirut section was completed by the New Zealand Railway Group»



JP: Иранский след в деле расследования покушения на израильского посла в Иордании

«Last week’s failed attempt on the lives of Israeli diplomats in Jordan was apparently carried out on instructions from Teheran, sources close to Jordan’s General Intelligence Department (GID) revealed on Monday.

The sources said the GID was investigating the possibility that the explosives used in the attack had been smuggled into the kingdom by Iranian diplomats.

The attack itself was apparently carried out by local al-Qaida supporters who received money and explosives from Iran, the sources said.

On Monday, Al-Arabiya reported that an Amman taxi driver was arrested on suspicion of involvement in the bombing.»


Фотографии 3d — сто лет назад


Израильский спецназ на учениях

Репортаж 10-го канала израильского ТВ (Алон Бен Давид, иврит) ,7:55 минут


Невиданное доселе позорище: 3000 туристов посетят сегодня Гаити на круизном пароходе

«It was hard enough to sit and eat a picnic lunch, before the earthquake, at Labadee knowing how many Haitians were starving,» wrote one commenter, Bakincakes, on the cruise blog Cruise Critic. «I can’t imagine having to choke down a burger there now knowing how many have died and how many are dying of thirst and who will probably die of their injuries.»



Тема: Baskerville, автор: Anders Noren.

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